To be a model company in telecommunications services, hardware & software provision, with state-of-the-art technology, providing satisfaction to our corporate partners, within a framework of respect, quality of services and optimal results.


To provide advice and integral solutions in telecommunications systems, hardware & software, to the public and private corporate segment.

Social responsibility

Brightcell seeks to improve the quality of life of Ecuadorians, promoting productive activities and development; in short, Brightcell is aligned with efforts to overcome cultural, economic, and social inequalities in our country.


We are a telecommunications company that provides comprehensive solutions for voice, data and broadband internet. An organization that occupies a prominent place thanks to its personalized and effective attention.
A professional group that grows together with its customers and has more than eleven years of experience in the sector.
Permanent attention
Our staff is focused on meeting the needs of our customers.
Proactive monitoring
Verification and analysis to guarantee the correct operation of your link and equipment.
Corporate advisory services
Consulting at the highest level, with project planning and implementation.
After-sales follow-up
Staff in constant communication with its partners to provide solutions at the right time.


Efficient solutions for public and private companies in telecommunications, hardware and software.
Connectivity, safety and equipment solutions.
Trained personnel ready to attend to all needs and incidents that may arise.
With the best tools for analysis and control of link management that allow timely and immediate solutions.


We provide a wide range of telecommunications services, both in urban and rural areas. This allows us to provide our internet and data transmission services, as well as value added services (IP Voice, Cloud Services, Video Conferencing, etc.) in any geographical point of Ecuador. We have several international connections to ensure high availability and redundancy of the services we provide. Among the connections we have:
The international Internet connection is made through multiple providers such as Cable Arcos, Cable Maya, Cable Panamericano and Satmex 5 (SATELITAL).
Through Colombia
With Transelectric and Transnexa F.O., cross to the Caribbean and access the ARCOS cable.
With Andinatel F.O. to Tulcán, Troya repeater, then via radio with Telecom to the Caribbean where there are cables: MAYA, GLOBAL CROSSING and ARCOS.
Through Peru
Microwave from private companies to Huaquillas, fiber optic cable from Telefonica del Peru from Aguas Verdes to LURIN. From LURIN there is access to cables: GLOBAL CROSSING, EMERGIA, PANAMERICANO.
International circuits are provided through terrestrial or maritime fiber optic links, guaranteeing a response time of 60-80ms for Ecuador-USA link, measured with a standard ping and under normal traffic conditions over the channel. It excludes failures caused by damage, processing time in customer equipment or force majeure events that affect the stability of the link. Does not apply to destinations covered by satellite links.

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