Technical terms

Check some terms your supplier uses to define an action and function
Qualified personnel
Staff focused on solving customer needs
Permanent Monitoring
Verification and analysis to ensure the proper functioning of services and products
Corporate Consultancy
Consultancy, management and planning in project implementation

A worldwide computer network that uses the telephone line to transmit information.

The amount of information or data that can be sent over a network connection in a given period of time. Bandwidth is generally stated in bits per second (BPS), kilobits per second (kbps), or megabytes per second (mps).

Expression that defines the number of users assigned to a given shared channel.

Also known as a smart city, it is defined as a physical environment in which communication and information technologies are used to create interactive environments that seek to improve our standard of living, health care and leisure activities, all based on sensors and measurement mechanisms located both in physical objects and in the environments in which we work.

It is the one whose transmission speeds are different in each direction.

It is the one whose transmission speeds are equal in both directions.

Upload/download refers to the transfer of data or files from a local computer to a remote server or computer, which must be interconnected (LAN, WAN or Internet). Normally you can use an FTP server, HTTP or any other protocol that allows the transfer of information, all this is tied to the transfer rate that the user has contracted in your Internet Plan or Connection.

Address defined by the Internet Protocol. It is usually represented by decimal notation separated by periods. An example of an IP address is

It is an intelligent equipment that allows users who have devices with wireless cards incorporated in their equipment such as: LAPTOPS, NOTEBOOKS; connect to the Internet wirelessly, that is, without the need to make a physical connection via cable from the Internet Router, to the computer. For your security, wireless connections are protected by security protocols with WEP encryption and WPA supporting 802.1x and WPA-PSK.

It is the physical transfer of data (a digital bit stream) over a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channel.

Split the telephone line into voice and data so that the user can access the broadband connection.

The cloud are servers from the Internet responsible for responding to requests at any time. Your information or service can be accessed via an Internet connection from any mobile or fixed device located anywhere. They serve their users from various hosting providers spread frequently around the world.

A computer that is responsible for providing a service to other computers on the network.

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